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This site belongs to aviation photographer Bengt Bergholm 50y.o. from Sweden.

I like most aviation types, both the "pointed" and "blunt" nose a/c are in my viewfinder depending on opportunity. I also enjoy taking pics of people in aviation context, spectators, fellow photographers and aircrew are among my targets.

I am also a proud founding member of SAPS - Swedish Aviation Photographers Society.

My Mission

To capture aviation photos similar to the ones on the posters and in the books I grew up with. Clear, close, vivid and action-filled but without too much post-processing exaggeration. I strive to produce pics that are clean and crisp and not "overcooked" to a point where they could've just as well been computer generated graphics.


I'm on the Nikon team, currently equipped with 

Bodies: D750 & D500

Lenses: 24-120/f4 | 300mm/f4 PF ED VR+TC14 III | 8-15mm/f3.5-4.5


All photos on this site are taken by me and are as such ¬©opyrighted to me. 

Non-commercial Use

You may use my photos free of charge in non-commercial contexts as long as you drop me an e-mail asking for prior permission to do so and add proper photo credits.

You may also have shots for use as desktop background at a resolution of your choice (original & crop permitting).

Commercial Use - Purchse License to Use

If you wish to use any of the photos in a commercial context, a reasonable fee and contract will have to be negotiated. Contact me!


Send me an e-mail at avsnaps [at] bergholm dot se.

Phone: +46 (0) 72 322 54 56

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